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What is the future of Marketing jobs?

What is the future of Marketing jobs?

WHO: IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) France - http://www.iabfrance.com

WHAT: Within the digital transformation revolution,  marketing is playing a critical role. In order to guarantee a quick alignement between the demand and the offer of the marketing jobs every year, IAB France monitors and publishes a study about the evolution of marketing jobs,  presenting the trends of the skills, competencies and the profiles most required in the market. 

For Marketing specialists this is an easy way to stay up-front in the market. 

Key outcome of 2016 study is that from now on we start talking about "Global Marketing" which includes both digital and offline expertises. Stop making the differentiation between digital marketing and standard marketing, stop talking about "multi years marketing plans" and start talking about "Test&Learn&Amplify" approach.

The new global marketing specialist has 3 prominent dimensions:

  • Strategic Vision
  • Collaborative work and sharing culture
  • Digital Mindset (geek/doers, open-mindset/ curious, polyvalent)


WHY: Because it is fundamental to have the right competencies at the right time in the right place, especially for marketing  in the  digital transformation. IAB has the capacity to identify the changing dynamics of the communication and marketing market and the implications of new technologies, detecting the transformation of the marcom jobs. The objective of the study is to facilitate the sit  between players and close potential gaps. 

TAKEAWAYS: Marketing is a discipline in permanent evolution, and has multiple responsibilities in the digital transformation. The profile of the Marketing Specialist is based on knowledge, skills and experiences and as well in mind-set, personality and curiosity.

Read more: http://www.iabfrance.com/etudes-chiffres/autres-etudes/etude-la-transformation-des-metiers-du-marketing-de-la-communication 

Test your digital marketing knowledge, Now!

Test your digital marketing knowledge, Now!

Can a "feminine care product" Ad create the buzz during Super Bowl night?

Can a "feminine care product" Ad create the buzz during Super Bowl night?